Monday, June 20, 2011

Watermelon Zombie/Monster

So this little guy proved both fun and challenging. Early on in texturing he came off as a little to friendly, and feedback was that he looked more like a protagonist than an enemy.

As I worked more on the little guy I did my best to add some age spots, cracks, wrinkles and signs of wear and tear; which eventually lead me to this version of him below.
While I had succeeded in making him more menacing, I was presented with a new problem, these fruit need to look more zombie-like, haunted/possessed and less like animals (he was beginning to appear to be a Shark Melon or a Snake Melon). So I went back and reworked the eyes a bit so that he matched the other fruit.

Below are some screens of the final version of the watermelon. The top is with a lower resolution texture to preview the alpha maps for the teeth, and the bottom image is to show off the non teeth watermelon base texture at a higher resolution.

Here are some spotlights on the texture maps, and a high resolution shot of the teeth, I found that while I took my time making all of that awesome detail in the gums and teeth, they really do not show as well at a lower resolution, but I figured I would at least show off all my work in the blog ;-)

I will probably go back and rework the teeth to make them look more human and rotted to fit the zombie feel. But for now I believe the top priority is to crank out more zombie fruit so that the programmers have more to work with and show.

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